True Nature Of The Vice

by Straight Forward

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released October 4, 2013



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Straight Forward Singapore

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Track Name: Street Lights
Street lights watching over my head
in between good and evil, life slips through these finger tips
middle of the night, street lights please take me home from the shade
where the selfish live in destitute, open my eyes
to the wicked other people do
waking up from a dream to this nightmare, call it reality under the street lights stare
lifting the law cause it’s all that I know
can’t say I’m proud of the life that I hold
street lights always watching over me
born and raised in the streets, I don’t call a house no home
Track Name: Yeah, You
You scrape the dirt underneath
spit out lies wrapped in shallow pleas
another sorry sack of shit
I’m glad to see you drift cause I swear I've had it with your opinions
if every step retraced is my fault
if I’m solely to blame I’m counting you out
you know your role but don’t play the part
rekindled the flame burning inside my heart like a candle burning bright at both ends
no one else to depend on, lost all your friends
I’m calling you out
cut yourself from the ones who cared most, I don’t care anymore so just leave me alone
needed help, came to think that I would insist
I’d stare at this phone when it rings
I’ll count you out
Track Name: Gloom
Eyes are heavy and the clock never slows
wounds grow deep, time has taken it’s toll
death resides everywhere I turn, reaper sways his scythe and drains me of my youth
for awhile it’s all just a dream, something that we’ve come to fear but no one hears the scream, no one hears the scream
when it rains, I can’t help the gloom
if time draws near just make it short, that’s all I beg of you
sleep is the only thing I look forward to, it blocks the suspense
helps me forget the woes of the fear instilled in me, can’t get around it, I can’t help the gloom
and it starts to disappear, the ones you love, he comes to take all covered in tears
Track Name: D.E.D
It’s a race to the top
who’s the weakest link
a world where dog eats dog
either bite or get bit
you gotta be hard as nails
I’ve had it with your tricks try to play me for a fool
I’m not dying by your hands, in this world no one rules so fuck you
chains attached, bound by a leash
contained in a cell with bloodied shackles on my feet
it’s a constant fight to now bow your head, to not stand in line with the one controlled by dollar signs
with the ones who live just to bleed you dry so I close the palm of the hand that feeds from
these shackles, from these chains, I’m breaking free with of the bastards in control
swift justice comes and it’s best served cold
glimmer of hope taken away by force
I pray to the lord one day it’ll be your turn
take and take reaping all that I've turned
I’ll be the one laughing last, place a mark on my words
another hard lesson learned
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Half the person you used to be, about-face you hit harsh reality
put a gun in your mouth, chose the cowards way out
see you’ve given up, well I've had enough
I've had enough when times get tough, you say you don’t know what to do
expectations never change with a bullshit excuse
drag yourself through the pain, grown exhaustingly insane
countless number of times you’ve cried in shame
take a look at yourself in the mirror
condescend everything that seemed so clear
if you think that you could just drink your sorrows away
the naked truth in other words is bury the shame
threw your life in a spiral that won’t quit
there is no bottom at the end of this pit
how can you find your way out, when you keep casting life in doubt
Track Name: Blood Boils
Efforts made going down the drain for the love that we had all done in vain
can’t let it all fall apart, I know what you did when you left a hole in this heart
memories only remind that love was just a scar you had left behind with the blade pointed at my back
how could I’ve been so blind
don’t want to think, don’t want to see
I don’t wanna know, I don’t want to believe
I learned it from the wounds you cut
I should have known you were a bitch from the start
I don’t ever wanna see you again so let me point you to the door but now you wanna be friends
after everything you put me through, you’re still the same thick skinned, blood boils, patience wearing thin
confused with the choices you’ve made of how a pretty face like yours could break a man so I sit in a corner nursing feelings i’m unsure but it doesn’t help erase your name
overtime the anger consumes me so I clench my fist wishing we didn’t come to be
I’m not sorry bitch
Track Name: Devil's Grip
How can I learn from my mistakes with the devil clinging on to the back of my nape
breathing sin as he whispers them down my ears, no remorse for the man reducing him to tears
looks like the devil got a grip on my soul
you know it’s pushed my thoughts a little deeper but it doesn’t take much to realize, nighty night buh-bye
oh god please guide me, guide me through the darkness
you hear my prayer but the devil still clings and you know I can’t pretend, it’s got me down
life is a test and death makes the rest of it
fondest memories can’t outweigh the regrets I have in mind, I feel him dwelling in my head
leave me to hurt alone inside, devils hiding in it’s cave, I know he’s stapled to my brain
psychology can’t unwind
Track Name: Short Fuse
Static runs through these veins
short fused throwing bricks at a window again
electricity between us and now you say it’s just a slip of the tongue
rumors spread so I've heard you’ve been fabricating truth
talk is cheap when the words are coming from you
put a fake front but I see through, I see the truth
lie through your teeth with the person that you try to hide but there’s nobody behind
I never wanna be that hollow
I never wanna be empty inside cause it’s the only thing that separates you and I
Track Name: True Nature Of The Vice (TNOTV)
Born into a grave, it’s an endless struggle to survive
I can’t contain my hate for a world where rules don’t apply
I’m paying for the crimes I had never commit
true nature of the vice has got me trying to find my rights when all the pressure crushes down on my chest, lack of opportunities for what I fucking have
I can’t breathe, I’m still gasping for breath
it's like a rope tied around my fucking neck
time stops but the world still spins when the noose grows tight, it starts to bite my skin
sandman counts my days like I've been living in debt and I can’t take my eyes off the hour glass
future is bleak, my vision is sheathed overwhelmed by the sand that seeps
true nature of the vice had me swing at the world that put me on my knees
know no rules in this state of mentality
finding balance on a scale that splits with a suffering loss of sanity
Track Name: A Colder Kind
Some people walk on roads but we trudge where the cold wind blows even if it means crossing high on a tight rope
our limits put to the test, we came conquered and we outlast but still no satisfaction for what we have
god damn us all
sleepless days under a curse of our age gone in reverse
bear the burden on our shoulders as we wander the earth for a greater meaning to exist
a colder kind
Track Name: Prayers & Miracles (V.2)
no mercy
this crown rests above of an idol I do not see
truth is speaking for itself but delusions has made me believe
I’m looking up to the sky to escape my own desperation but I’ll never find what I’m looking for beyond the earth or underneath it all
prayers and miracles blessings in disguise, were they there to pull me through the roughest times
I refuse your guidance, it has done the same to me
once existence is laid to waste, we’re lost and confused
to think I’ve once put my faith in you
burning in hell Is living today, nothing else relates just reality
I never lived to see my peace and when I die I’ll burn repeatedly
there is no place in heaven for a being such as me
lived in hell all this time, it’s where I’m meant to be
sentenced to a life of agony