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It’s a race to the top
who’s the weakest link
a world where dog eats dog
either bite or get bit
you gotta be hard as nails
I’ve had it with your tricks try to play me for a fool
I’m not dying by your hands, in this world no one rules so fuck you
chains attached, bound by a leash
contained in a cell with bloodied shackles on my feet
it’s a constant fight to now bow your head, to not stand in line with the one controlled by dollar signs
with the ones who live just to bleed you dry so I close the palm of the hand that feeds from
these shackles, from these chains, I’m breaking free with of the bastards in control
swift justice comes and it’s best served cold
glimmer of hope taken away by force
I pray to the lord one day it’ll be your turn
take and take reaping all that I've turned
I’ll be the one laughing last, place a mark on my words
another hard lesson learned


from True Nature Of The Vice, released October 4, 2013



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